MiCOURT Case Search Release Notes

Version 2017.518.1.0, Released May 18, 2017

  • Searching for names with multiple words (e.g., West Michigan Imaging) will now correctly display search results.
    • Previously, searching for business names with more than one word would return zero results. The search application was considering the phrase as a first name and last name in error.
  • Probate case types are now included in the Search Results for courts using the TCS Case Management System.
    • The Case Details screen for Probate cases will be updated in future releases.
    • Probate has been added as a Division filter.
    • Mental Illness (MI), Judicial Admission (JA), Registration of Foreign Birth (BR), Wills for Safekeeping and all Adoption cases are excluded along with any case marked Non-Public.


Version 2017.428.1.0, Released April 28, 2017

  • The Court Selection page will now include a column for Description and Court Address.
    • On mobile devices, a long press on the Court Address may open the default map application depending on the phone and operating system.
  • Corrected the balance due displayed for district court cases.
    • Bond set and posted amounts were being used in the calculation in error.


Version 2017.0406.1, Released April 6, 2017

  • Details of Sentencing Events will now display for Criminal cases in TCS.
  • Case Search functionality is now available for courts using DCS Case Management System.
    • Courts interested in signing up for Case Search should contact the Service Desk.


 Version 2017.215.5.0, Released February 15, 2017

  • The Search box will now accept a Case ID without the leading zeroes. For example, 14-1453-FC will now work exactly the same as 14-0000001453-FC.
  • On the Case Details screen, Disposition and Disposition Date will only appear for parties that can have a disposition, e.g., defendants.
  • On the Case Details screen, the various sections including Hearings, Charges and Parties can now be opened and closed for easier navigation. The section headers will also display the number of records for each section.
  • On the Search Results screen, the extra Filter button below the search box has been removed on the desktop (standard) view because the filter options are always displayed.
  • Clicking in the Version Number in the footer will open a new tab with Case Search Release Notes.


 Version: 2017.201.6.0, Released February 1, 2017

  • Added breadcrumb navigation to allow easy navigation between Search Results and the Case Details screen.
  • Search results can now be filtered by Offense Date.
  • On the Search Results screen, Alternate Names will be displayed with the associated party type instead of the alternate name type (e.g., Defendant instead of “AKA”). 
  • On the Case Details screen, any alternate names/aliases will be displayed below the party name.
  •  The Case Details screen will now display a hearing section that includes hearings previously held. Results associated to the hearings will also be displayed.
  • On the Case Details screen, the party details section will now include the Answer date when available.
  • The Michigan Courts header at the top of the page is now a link to a Court Selection page displaying all courts using MiCOURT Case Search.
  • A Version Number will now display in the footer. 
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