Court Display Release Notes

Released January 5, 2018

  • Case Numbers from the TCS Case Management System will now include the case year, e.g., 2017-000302209-FC.
  • The Public URL version of the calendar will now include the courtroom/hearing location along with the hearing description in the Hearing Info column. 
  • Additional style updates have been applied to the Public URL view.
    • The columns and column headers will now be aligned no matter how wide the screen display.
    • All updates are now reflected in all available color schemes.
  • Performance has been improved when using the new Azure ( links for Court Display/Public URL.
    • Note: The more jurisdictions included in a display, the longer the screen will take to load. 

Released through December 10, 2017

We have transitioned the MiCOURT Suite Tools to a cloud-based environment. Our Azure government-cloud servers are safe (FIPS-140 and CJIS compliant), reliable and will allow us to provide access to our applications to any and all JIS courts without impacting performance or reliability. Current users should not be impacted by this move.

  • Any new links created in the Court Display Admin MCAP application will now point directly to the cloud server (links will now start out micourt.courts.michigan instead of mcap.courts.michigan).
    • To minimize disruption for the courts, JIS plans to automatically redirect existing links to the new server; however, this feature has not been turned on yet.
  • The Public URL calendar has several changes:
    • Hearing Type, Attorney, Prosecutor, Arresting Officer and CTN have been added.
    • Courtroom/Hearing Location has been removed.
    • The font size has been reduced and a print-friendly stylesheet has also been incorporated.
      • Printing from the web browser will result in a user-friendly paper version of the calendar.
    • Remember that the Public URL link will never display non-public cases.

Tip! Create a display in MCAP for each hearing officer specifically for the Public URL link. Add each link to the court’s website to allow the public to look at an individual judge’s calendar.

Released May 25, 2017

  • Public / Web page URL - now has a date picker located at the top of the page.
  • Court Display Administration page now shows the user's full name.

Released May 8, 2017

  • CCS - removed parties with the party types of:  "B", "G", "IP", and "R" from displaying on the court display/public webpage links.
  • CCS - removed Defendant parties entered with a name of ',,' from displaying a blank name on the court display/public webpage links.
  • Manage Displays - the user can now set the paging time (1-60), presently the paging is set to default to 10 seconds before changing to the next page of parties.
  • Bug - D67~1 through D67~5 court codes fixed on Manage Hearing Room Names and Manage Hearing Officers screen.


Released April 14, 2017

  • Manage Displays - Name Drop Off Time added - this option allows the user to enter the duration of time they wish to have the name display on the court display.  Examples:  Selecting 'Never' will always display the name.  Selecting 'After 1 hour' would drop off names scheduled for 8:00 a.m. hearings at 9:00 a.m. 
  • TCS courts will now include adoption cases as non-public on the court displays.
  • Clicking the Version Number in the footer on the MCAP Court Display page will open a new tab with Release Notes in the Knowledge Base. The setup documentation is also contained here within the Knowledge Base. (If you do not have access to the Knowledge Base – click New to MSC? Sign up.
  • Added sub-headers and navigational wording to Manage Hearing Officer Room Assignment and Show Display URL pages.
  • Manage Displays page - changed the title and added a subheader; Tool Tips were added to the Create Displays page which allows the user to hover over field labels and obtain helpful information.

Released March 23, 2017

  • The ‘Show Display URL' on the manage displays screen will now show a ‘Rise Vision URLs’ and a ‘Public / Web Page URL’.

  • The ‘Public / Web Page URL’ is designed to be used on a local court’s county web page to view a docket or on mobile devices: 
      • The paging is removed.
      • Non-public cases are not displayed.
      • The user can use the next/previous arrows to see future or past schedules.


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